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Dec 18, 2020 · Luminosity masks serve to make selections of the highlights, midtones, and shadows in ways that basic Photoshop sliders can’t handle. If you’ve used Adobe’s Camera Raw or Lightroom, you’ve probably used the Highlights and Shadows sliders to make broad adjustments to your images. [01:20] – Creating a Luminosity Mask [06:15] – Tweaking Radius and Sensitivity [08:40] – Erasing and brushing Luminosity Masks [11:25] – Rasterizing masks [16:15] – Example 1 – Deepening blacks [19:39] – Example 2 – Masking a skin tone range [21:55] – Copy / Apply a Luminosity Mask

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How do you create Luminosity masks? There are three ways to create luminosity masks. Firstly, you could create your own (time-consuming) and then automate this process. Secondly, you could purchase Lightroom or Photoshop presets that have someone else create an automated process for you. The third way is an add-in product that works within ...
August 16, 2013 in Tutorial // Quick Mask-Style Selections in Photoshop Elements; August 15, 2013 in Tutorial // Lightroom 5 And the new Radial Filter; August 13, 2013 in Top Tip Tuesday // Lightroom Catalog Cloud Backup; August 12, 2013 in Tutorial // Photoshop Quick Tip: Button Mode and Menu Items for Photoshop Actions Multiple masks/multiple sources−The TK7 panel is much more than just a luminosity mask panel. Channel, color, saturation, and vibrance masks are created just as easily as luminosity masks, and entire spectrums of these pixel-based, self-feathering masks can be generated.

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Jun 20, 2006 · Last week we learned how to use a Luminosity Mask (Command+Option+Tilde [~] or PC: Control+Alt+~) to emphasize highlight details in ultra bright situations such as snow on a Swiss Alp. But the LuMask is more than a one-trick pony. The more you use it, the more ways you’ll think of to use it. For this week’s demo photo, we move from the Jungfrau to my back yard (which is a lot like the ...
Jul 02, 2020 · To select a dark area, hold down your CTRL key and click on one of the dark channels – you’ll get that mask selected as you can just about see here Now you can open up any Adjustment layer you like and the mask will be automatically applied – so if you wanted to make the “darks” darker, you can use curves/exposure/levels, for example. Updated in the October 2018 release of Lightroom Classic Using the Color Range Mask, Luminance Range Mask and Depth Range Mask controls, you can quickly create a precise masking area on your photo for applying local adjustments. You begin by creating a quick initial masking selection with Adjustment Brushes or Radial Filter/Graduated Filter.

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TK Luminosity Mask is a free Adobe CC plug-in published by Tony Kuyper: The TK Luminosity Mask plugin generates 16-bit Lights, Darks, and Midtones luminosity masks. They are displayed on-screen in real time.
Luminosity Masks are such a powerful technique that I recommend everyone who's using Photoshop to implement it into his or her workflow.Luminosity masks are incredibly powerful image editing tools. It allows you to make targeted and seamless self-feathering selections in your image to apply literally any adjustments.

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A Luminosity Mask is a fast and easy way to create a new mask based on the brightness of image pixels. When selected, the command will fill the active layer with a mask based on the brightness of image pixels.
A Range Mask lets you create masks based on their luminosity as well as colour which is ideal for skies and foamy oceans. In short a Range Mask lets you apply auto masking in Lightroom by using either colour or luminance to select a specific area of a photo for local adjustments. Dec 15, 2020 · Take your photos to the next level with Lightroom’s luminosity and colour masks Posted 15 December 2020 by News Luminosity masks are an extremely valuable tool within Photoshop, particularly for landscape photographers who are often dealing with high dynamic range scenes that can leave scenes looking a little uneven.

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Once again, we can set the blend mode to Luminosity, and adjust the opacity of the Unsharp Mask filter independently of the layer settings. Now, here’s the bonus: double click the words “Unsharp Mask” and you get the original dialog box, so you can tweak the sharpening settings – as often as you’d like, until you find the right setting!
Sep 13, 2015 · Luminosity masks. A luminosity mask is a layer mask that hides a certain tonal range of your image while it reveals another tonal range. For example, the mask may be black where the highlights are and white where the shadows are to only reveal the shadow regions of your image. В конце раздела №2 дана ссылка на урок по использованию яркостных масок (Luminosity mask) в «Photoshop» — это гораздо быстрее и точнее (пара кликов мыши и обработка готова).

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Advanced Lightroom & Photoshop techniques to create stunning images out of your RAW images. Understanding and using luminosity masks alongwith adjustment tools. Learning to create double exposures, multiple exposures & composites as per your requirement. Learn to stitch seamless panoramas. Learn to process your astro images properly.
100 + Free Lightroom Presets to Download: Looking for a round up of the best free Lightroom presets on the internet? Below we have featured 100 of the best presets and preset packages that are absolutely free to download.